Collegeville Masks: Ace Ventura

QUESTION:  Which of the following was Ace Ventura's catchphrase:
A)  "Alrighty then."
B)  "Don't have a cow, man."
C)  "Asta la vista, baby."
D)  "I'll be back."

Everyone loves the opportunity to pretend they're not themselves once in a while. At this time of year, hundreds of men and, we're sure, a few women, love to play the part of Santa Claus. Many performers put on clown makeup to entertain at birthday parties.  Of course, Halloween is the time of year when dressing up in costume is not only accepted but encouraged. Some people go all out and dress in elaborate outfits unlike anything they would ever wear to work, while others simply go to a store and invest a few dollars in a cheap mask and maybe a restrictive outfit. Younger partygoers may also get themselves a pillowcase or a cheap plastic bag and walk door-to-door and ask for candy. That's what Halloween is all about for kids, and the Collegeville Costume Company existed specifically for them. For a small investment, they purchased cheap masks that kinda sorta looked like some of their favorite movie or cartoon characters, or maybe an admired city employee like a police officer or fireman. 

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective is a fictional character (sorry we have to be the ones to break that to you) created to compliment the comedy stylings of Jim Carrey back in 1994. Inspired by the "Stupid Pet Tricks" segment of Late Night with David LettermenI, which was popular at the time, Ace Ventura tells the story of an eccentric, dare we say amazingly eccentric, Miami, Florida-based private investigator with a specialty in the retrieval of captive animals. Silly as the premise may sound, the film was a smash hit when it was released, bringing in over seven times the budget in international sales. It inspired two sequels and a three-season animated program, as well as making Jim Carrey a household name. The Collegeville Costume Company mask of Ace Ventura stands out on our wall because it is one that is easily recognizable, something relatively surprising for Collegeville Costume.

ANSWER:  A)  "Alrighty then."