Full-throttle Thursday


We're bending our own rules a little bit today, changing the notion of self-propelled vehicles that have throttles in them to accommodate our day's vehicle of honor:  the ConferenceBike, or CoBi for short. This is one of the weirder-looking forms of transportation that you'll find in the collection at the American Treasure Tour, but I'm sure if you saw it in the outside world it would be even more noticeable. The CoBi started life as an eight seater in 1991, designed by the American designer and engineer Eric Staller as a functioning art installation.

He removed a seat from his mobile art and created the functional ConferenceBike as it is today - bright and glorious red, and now in sixteen different countries across the world, from Europe to Asia, with most of them in the good old United States. Google incorporates theirs into team-building exercises. The Helen Keller National Center provides their students an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors regardless of any personal limitations, and the Jerusalem Science Center staff demonstrates its mechanical uniqueness. It really is a wonder. Come to the American Treasure Tour to check out ours, or go onto the ConferenceBike website if you want to buy your own! http://www.conferencebike.com