Monday at the Museum


There's so much to see and so little time.  You have to prioritize.  Of course, your highest priority should always be for the American Treasure Tour - and we say that completely with self interest at heart.  But there are other places worth checking out, too.  Today, we would like to encourage those of you traveling in northeastern Pennsylvania to take a quick stop in Easton at the Crayola Experience.  Easton is near where the Crayola Crayon factory was established in 1885, although at the time it was called Binney & Smith.  And it is technically in Forks Township.  But Easton is where the first Crayola Experience was opened in 1996.  Since then, other sites have been added to that one in Orlando, Florida, the Mall of America in Minnesota, and the Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Texas.  

It is not a museum, per se, but more an interactive place to go to try out your own skill in working with wax and crayons and colors.  The bonus, though, is that it adjoins a museum dedicated to the story of canals, and shows how they work.  Everything is geared towards kids, but value can be found by adult kids, too.