Monday at the Museum

Dey Mansion.jpg

The American Treasure Tour bloggers simply love museums.  There are few ways equal to visiting a museum to be able to appreciate the thrill of a story, to see the places where history happened, and to connect with the people who helped to create the world in which we live.  Of course, we are biased towards our own museum, which is a delightful blend of popular culture, music and stories - there is truly nothing quite like us anywhere else in the world. But there are other amazing places and we like to call them out when we can.

Last week, our curator went on a road trip to Northern New Jersey.  North Jersey has gained for itself a reputation for industrial cities with financial troubles that does have more than an element of truth to it, but that is not all that defines this odd blend of beauty, modern industry, and history. Yes, you'll see - and smell - some of the less fortunate elements there, but you can also see sites like the Dey (pronounced "die") Mansion in Wayne, New Jersey.  It is one of the many places in New Jersey where George Washington took up residence during the American Revolution, and it is a beautiful, if somewhat out of place, estate adjacent to a golf course about an hour west of New York City (which is to say it's less than 25 miles away from the city.  New Jersey traffic can be as bad as they say.). Among Washington's staff who stayed there was a young man named Alexander Hamilton, who wrote letters to his new bride, Eliza, about the Dey family.  It really is a worthwhile destination, and don't forget to try some Peruvian food in nearby Totowa, New Jersey!