Toyful Tuesday

Yes, we know.  Toyful is not a word. But the American Treasure Tour is truly "toyful," because we are quite literally full of toys!  Toys for children of all ages, from stuffed animals that appeal to the tiniest of tots to classic automobiles that draw the eye of the wisest of our older visitors. There are plenty of items on display that appeal to children and adults, and I think most of us would agree that there is a definite charm to die-cast cars.

Die Cast Cars 1.JPG

Created in 1:18 scale (which means that it is eighteen times smaller than the real thing), our die-casts depict cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters from the earliest gasoline-powered vehicle, widely considered the Benz Patent-Motorwagen designed and driven by Karl Benz in 1886, to modern race cars, sports cars, and cars for the average family.  Of course, it may prove a challenge to notice the die-cast collection at the ATT, since they are somewhat dwarfed by the other vehicles on display, but "Jeep" your eyes open!  They're there for your enjoyment!