Dolores Del Rio, Star of Ramona

QUESTION: Dolores Del Rio, star of film in the United States and Mexico, was conpared to what famous actress for the beauty and photogenic nature of her face?
A)  Greta Garbo
B)  Theda Bara
C)  Katherine Hepburn
D)  Hedy Lamarr

As the American Treasure Tour continues our examination into the story behind the book, film, and personalities from Ramona, we take a look at Dolores Del Rio, the star of the 1928 interpretation of the classic tragedy about a woman who was condemned by society because of her ethnicity and because she fell in love with a Native American man. Notably, the Mexican actress was discovered by a Native American director.  Edwin Carewe introduced her to silent film audiences with a small but memorable role in his 1926 film High Steppers.  Born in 1904 with the heady name Maria de los Dolores Asunsoolo Lopez-Negrete into a prominent family that lost everything during the Mexican Revolution, they retreated to Mexico City, where the future Del Rio received a monastic education at a religious school run by French nuns until she married a wealthy aristocrat.  She was still with him when Carewe discovered her and convinced her to move to Hollywood, changing her name to Del Rio.

Del Rio's career took off. Ramona in 1928 was close to the beginning of a career that put her in the ranks of the A-list Hollywood performers. She transitioned well out of silent and into talking films. Sadly, her marriage did not last, as her husband struggled with her great celebrity. Carewe, positively obsessed with Del Rio, behaved in a way modern Americans would likely describe as stalking. Law suits ensued, until Del Rio completely broke away from him. By the early '40s, Del Rio's career in Hollywood started to suffer, so she moved back to Mexico. A well-made decision, she had a new lease on life there, and continued well into her sixties, long after most female actors tend to get pushed aside for younger starlets. When Del Rio passed away in 1983, she had a long legacy of film, television and theater behind her. 

ANSWER:  A)  Great Garbo.  A plaque hanging from her birthhome in Durango City, Mexico describes Del Rio as having a "perfect face," similar to Garbo.