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Foghat - Rock and Roll Outlaws.jpg

The ATT Museum blog loves to explore the records hanging on the wall and suspended on the rafters of our Music Room.  Today, we go into the world of Foghat.  Established in 1971 by three veterans of the popular British band Savoy Brown – Dave Peverett on guitars and vocals, Tony Stevens on bass, and Roger Earl on drums – and Rod Price departed from Black Cat Bones to play guitar and slide guitar for Foghat. The band’s name came from a childhood “nonsense” game Peverett played with his brother in their youth.

Foghat made an impact right from the start, having songs from their 1972 debut album (named, imaginatively, Foghat) received significant airplay. Rock and Roll Outlaws was their fourth album in three years, with the album cover depicting the band in the Mojave Desert posing with a Lear jet. Although their insignia is on the nose of the jet, it was not theirs. They borrowed it for the shoot. It only achieved number forty on the American Album Charts, but was still one of their more successful albums of the ‘70’s. An exhausting tour schedule and twelve studio albums in eleven years led to problems within the band.  They slowed down, but never really stopped.  In fact, Foghat still performs almost fifty years later, using their characteristic slide guitar sound to great affect.