Loni Anderson

QUESTION:  Which superhero actor did Loni Anderson work with in the short-lived 1984 television series Partners in Crime?
A). Bill Bixby (The Incredible Hulk)
B). Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)
C). Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman)
D). Christopher Reeve (Superman)

The blog here at the American Treasure Tour loves to be able to share stories with you as we honor the countless pieces displayed in both our Music Room and the Toy Box. Today, we are happy to acknowledge a small poster less than two feet high. It shows the talented Loni Anderson at the height of her career.  Youthful and charming, it is difficult for those who remember her performance on the popular sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati (that aired from 1978 to 1982) to believe that the lovely and erudite Loni Anderson is now a septuagenarian!  Back in the 1970's, WKRP's creator Hugh Wilson cast her after she made a brief appearance on Three's Company.  She reminded him of a young Jayne Mansfield/Marilyn Monroe type, and she became his radio station's receptionist, Jennifer Marlowe. 

One of the challenges a beautiful woman has always had to contend with is the struggle to be taken seriously for her intellect. The 1940's-era actress Hedy Lamar was disregarded by the National Inventors Hall of Fame for sixty years after she applied for an important wartime patent because they saw her as just another pretty face. WKRP defied this stereotype by making Marlowe the intellectual center of her dysfunctional radio family. The roll propelled Anderson to star status, which led her to become one of the top-paid actors in television of the era. Alas, the roll did not lead her to better parts. After the show ended, she stayed in the limelight more for her famous marriage to actor Burt Reynolds from 1988 through 1993. She has had four husbands and raised two children. After her oldest, Dierdre, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009, Anderson became a spokesperson to aid in finding a cure.

ANSWER:  B). Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman).  Clearly, beauty and talent are not always all it takes to make a show last a full season. It only made it to thirteen episodes before it was cancelled.