Melville Grille

QUESTION:  The Melville Grille was once located in Portsmouth, RI, tucked away within the East Passage Yachting Center.  What is the name of the restaurant that has replaced it?
A)  White Whale Watering Hole
B)  Herman's Hermit Crabs
C)  Lobster Pot
D)  Gulfstream

A few weeks ago, the blog began celebrating many of the newly-acquired matchbooks to the collection with a study of phillumeny (that's the act of collecting matchbooks). What we have discovered is that many of the restaurants celebrated in the collection displayed in our Toy Box have shut their doors. That said, we like to think we are honoring establishments scattered throughout the country that impacted the lives of American citizens. Because that's far more glamorous than just writing about places that advertised on matchbooks. Today, we honor the Melville Grille and Lagoon Bar, that was located within the East Passage Yachting Center of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Reviews of their seafood-strong menu were overall quite positive - with special accolades going to their Portuguese fish chowder and calamari. Their location, overlooking the yachting center, was described by diners as being rather secluded and peaceful, with a lovely deck.  Perhaps the seclusion was a bit of a problem for them ultimately, and they closed in 2010.

The yachting center, which is still very much in business, has available over 360 deep-water berths that can accommodate boats as large as 150 feet long. It is largely enclosed with a land-barrier from the bay, has some amenities including a pool, and is a great option if you happen to be in the Portsmouth area.  Okay, for the sake of full disclosure, we have never had the opportunity to dock any of our multiple yachts there, but are confident that, should the current bring us to Portsmouth, East Passage is the place where we would go!

ANSWER:  D)  Gulfstream.  Honestly, if you knew this, we will be amazingly impressed!