Wacky Wednesday

Gypsy Vardo.jpg

Question: What do you get when you have a middle school art teacher, stuff you can get for cheap at a 5 & 10 store, and a whole lot of creativity? 
Answer: Miniatures and dioramas of all shapes and sizes filled with humor and delight.  (Hey!  That could be a slogan to describe our collection here at the Treasure Tour!)
For forty years, Bob Omrod taught his students how to use their imagination to create small landscapes, cityscapes, castlescapes, and anything else they could think of, often using things around the house.  The picture we've included here depicts a gypsy's home - a mobile wagon likely drawn by horses in the early days called a vardo.  Our vardos are a little too small to actually provide accommodation, but they certainly gave Mr. Omrod relief before being converted - before being modified into vardos, these small cylindrical containers once contained Metamucil.  Sorry, was that too much information?  Well, anyway.  Come to the American Treasure Tour to check out these unique creations - and consider making one yourself when you get home with your own empty Metamucil bottles.  But please don't provide us with details.