Monday at the Museum

NY Transit Museum.jpg

We love Mondays, because we can use alliteration as the excuse to call out some of the museums in the country we love.  Understanding our hearts are always in Oaks first, we have plenty of space to appreciate other wonderful destinations. Recently, a group of visitors came to experience our unique space who traveled here from Brooklyn, New York. They were from the New York Transit Museum, a fascinating place that tells the story of public transportation in one of the most important, mobile cities in the world. The museum is massive - it takes up an entire city block - but you wouldn't know it because the entire facility is underground. Entry requires going down an old subway entrance, where you will see a collection of subway cars and other vehicles spanning over 110 years of New York's history.

The curator at the Treasure Tour took a guided tour led by a passionate volunteer a number of years ago, taking along his wife whose interest in transportation history is pretty low. But the two of them stayed for hours listening to the stories and seeing the technology that helps move people around the five boroughs of New York. It was a fascinating experience that will appeal to people of all levels of interest.  Here is their website:  We recommend taking the subway to get there.  It just feels right.