Ricky Van Shelton - "Loving Proof"

QUESTION:  In which American town was Ricky Van Shelton raised?
A). Grit, Virginia
B). Accident, Maryland
C). Coupon, Pennsylvania
D). Paw Paw, West Virginia

Ricky Van Shelton grew up surrounded by music.  His father was an established gospel singer, and Ricky joined in at church as a boy. He also enjoyed pop music, but it was in country music that Ricky found himself.  Born in 1952, he made the move to Nashville in his early thirties to pursue his great love. His first album, Wild-Eyed Dream, was released in 1987 and garnered him enough positive attention that it made him one of the most successful male vocalists of the year.  This led to his sophomore effort, 1989's Loving Proof. Including such songs as "From a Jack to a King" and "Living Proof," this album reached number one on the Billboard country charts and went platinum within three months of its release. 

Shelton did extremely well for a number of years, before the sound of country music began changing in the mid-nineties. His touring schedule, his recording schedule, and an increasing dependency on alcohol compelled a number of life changes for Shelton. He took time to take care of himself, slowed down his touring circuit and released albums less and less.  In 2000, he released what is to date his final album of new music and, in 2006, he announced his retirement from touring.  His fans can only hope that he will get back in the saddle. Until then, they are welcome to visit the American Treasure Tour and his second album, prominently displayed in our Music Room!

ANSWER:  A). Grit, Virginia