The Four Freshmen

QUESTION:  The Four Freshmen formed as a band in 1948.  What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year?
A). Miracle on 34th Street
B). Gentleman's Agreement
C). The Bishop's Wife
D). Great Expectations

Along with the Four Lads and the Four Aces, the Four Freshmen have a prominent place in the pantheon of bands with the number "four" included in their name. Pre-existing the Aces and the Lads by two years, the band from Indianapolis' Jordan Music School, part of Butler University, formed as a barbershop quartet. Formed by brothers Don and Ross Barbour (of course they embraced the barbershop with a name like that!) along with Marvin Pruitt and Hal Kratzsch as The Harmonizers, they sang a jazz repertoire for a number of months before changing their name ... to The Toppers. By September they became The Four Freshmen and they stuck with that for the next eight decades or so. 

They got their big break in 1950, when the band leader Stan Kenton signed them to his label. That year, they made their film debut (and, as it turned out, their film finale, too) in Rich, Young and Pretty starring Jane Powell and introducing Vic Damone. A modest success, the Technicolor musical increased awareness of the Freshmen, who went on to record a number of memorable songs, including "Mood Indigo," "Charmaine," and "Graduation Day." Arguably their greatest legacy is in the influence they had on a young Brian Wilson, whose admiration of their harmonizing proved an inspiration for his own band, The Beach Boys. Although all of the original members of the Four Freshman have passed on, the band plays continues to harmonize to this day.

ANSWER:  B). Gentleman's Agreement.  The film addressed the controversial subject of antisemitism.