Museums on Monday


Here we are at the American Treasure Tour blog hq, offering you great opportunities to explore the many wonderful and varied offerings of our great nation.  Every Monday, we choose a different destination to highlight.  After all, we know that you need diversity in what you do - so you can only be expected to visit us here at the old Goodrich plant in Oaks two or three times a week.  We happily offer guidance for the other days of the week.  Today, we travel all the way to Lancaster, where the home of the only resident of Pennsylvania to serve as President of the United States lived.  James Buchanan's home, which he called Wheatland, is a delightful destination in the historic town that once served as the nation's capital. Located in a lovely upscale community, Wheatland is not only the 15th president's former home, but also the locations for, the historical society for the city. 

Buchanan is considered one of the nation's more controversial presidents, having been in office when southern states began seceding after the election of Abraham Lincoln.  Did Buchanan handle the situation in the best way possible?  What could he have done to prevent the coming of the Civil War?  Sadly, speculation will not change his legacy, but Buchanan the man is honored here in this lovely brick home.  Check it out at: