Emerson, Lake and Palmer were an English progressive rock supergroup who sold over forty million albums in the 1970s and has headlined major stadiums across the world during their concert tours. Keith Emerson (keyboards) and Greg Lake (bass, guitar, and vocals) met and decided to make music together while they were in San Francisco.  They quickly began a search for a drummer, and found their man in Carl Palmer.  They experienced almost instant success with their Moog synthesizer-dominated sound.  Trilogy is the third studio album released by the band in three years, which came out in 1972 and included one of their most recognizable hits, the song "Hoedown" - an instrumental interpretation of an Aaron Copeland composition that proved exceptionally popular in their live shows.  Highly praised by their fans but condemned by their critics, ELP remains an iconic 70s band. Sadly, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake both passed away in 2016.