Alois Decap was born in 1865, one of five sons of the farmer Livien Decap and his wife Sophie Mortier.  Alois’ wife’s mother’s maiden name was Mortier, and it is possible there was a family connection to the Theophiel Mortier who had produced band organs such as the American Treasure Tour's Emperor, located in the Toy Box.  Alois left for Ekeren with his wife and son, Firmin.  He worked at carnivals playing accordion, then started repairing organs.  Before long, he was selling them.  Around 1902, Alois Decap opened his factory and constructed band organs in Antwerp, Belgium.  He had six children: Firmin, Livien, Leon, Frans, Camille and Mary.  Frans Decap and two brothers opened the Frer Decap Company, which remains in business to this day.  Frans then went independent and opened his own company in Herentals, Belgium (outside of Antwerp), which was independent of his brothers’ company.  Around World War II, Frans started making pipe organs, while Frer Decap made band organs, et.al.  Frans’ son Francis began working in the company at an early age.  Tony and Frank, two sons of Francis, continue the family business to this day, making specialty mechanical machines that incorporate digital technology.  Their company remains independent of Frer Decap.

From the website (http://decap-herentals.be/).  With an expertise of more than a century, consisting of four generations of dedicated organ factors, the organ plant Decap Herentals (independent since 1928) refines the sound of acoustic musical instruments that play automatically. This shows the latest computer controlled modular orchestrion. With its compact dimensions, this sophisticated instrument fits into your home. Its sound is undoubtedly incomparable and provides music in a whole new dimension.  Convince yourself and let yourself be amazed by orchestrions that sound like a band playing live.  Apart from the factory fairground organ, Decap Herentals also offers a wide collection of automatic musical instruments. These sensitive instruments have all the electronics on board and van play totally independently or they can form an acoustic orchestra. Do you want your organ controlled by MIDI digital technology? Maybe you want to play your piano automatically? To automate instrument-based orchestrions or existing organs?  The Decap Herentals company has developed a series of components that you can start working with directly!

The Hohner accordion was manufactured in Germany at the company founded by Matthias Hohner (1833-1902), and is likely better known for their line of popular harmonicas.  Family members remained very active with the company until 1986, after which they bowed out and the company continues to produce instruments.  The Hohner Museum is located in Trossingen, Germany and includes over 25,000 harmonicas.