Our Group Tours are MONDAY through SATURDAY

GROUP Traditional Tour - 1.5 hours long
GROUP Directors Tour - 2 hours long

TOUR HOURS:  If we have the time slot available that you want,
tours can begin at your convenience.

To qualify for group rates you must pay for 15 + people.

• Our office telephone number:  866-970-8687
• Our reservation hours:  Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• A $100 deposit is required for all groups booking a tour.  This is applied to your total amount due.
• Deposit is refundable if group cancels more than 30 days prior to the event
• Reservations for tours must be paid one week prior to event date.
• Reservations for tour and a meal must be paid in full two week’s prior to event date.
• All tours scheduled beginning after 3:30pm will be charged $25 tip for each tour guide.  Groups over 20 people add $50 for two tour guides.  Groups over 50 add $75 for three tour guides


Group Tours are different than General Admission Tours.  Groups receive a guided tour in both the Music Room and Toy Box.  Between both rooms, you will experience the wonderful sights and sounds of old time music.  Additionally you will see classic cars, motorcycles, airplanes, circus memorabilia, holiday and patriotic items as well as eclectic pop culture treasures.

Traditional Tour 1.5 hours

The Traditional Tour is an amazing 1.5 hour experience where your tour guides will offer the story of our collection.  Guests may ask questions and take photographs.  While our facility is huge, your time with us is comfortable, as a large majority of it is spent on a tram ride.  We also offer our guests a seated presentation in our Music Room.  After your tour ends you are welcome to enjoy or gift shop where often the tour guides linger to answer more questions.

Director's Tour 2 hours

We opened a two hour tour due to customer requests.  Often people wish to stay after the guided tour has ended.  The guests receive our wonderful tour experience but when it is over they have an additional half hour to walk amid the car collection and music room.  Guests usually take more photos during this time.  Tour Guides are present to answer questions and play more of our amazing mechanical music.