Hedy Lamarr - Born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in 1914 Vienna, Austria-Hungary to Jewish parents, the beautiful young woman nicknamed Hedy began her movie career as a teenager.  She was eighteen years old when she starred in the Czech film Ecstasy - a highly-controversial film in its day because of both what she showed and didn't show on screen.  Ms. Kiesler became commonly referred to as "The Ecstasy Girl," before she moved to Los Angeles and received the stage name Lamarr by her agent, where she continued making movies through the 1950s.  She was much more than a beautiful actress, though.  She was also an inventor.  During World War II, she was granted a patent for frequency-hopping technology that used common player piano technology to block enemies from reading the signals of radio-controlled devices, such as torpedoes.  She wanted to continue her experiments, but the exclusively male National Inventor's Council recommended that she focus on entertaining the troops and selling War Bonds instead.  Unfortunately, she followed their advice.  Her technology created the foundation from which modern Bluetooth technology and Wifi has since developed, for which she was honored three years before her death in 2000.