Alpert, born in Los Angeles in 1935, had music in his blood.  Every member of his family played one instrument or another. He took on the trumpet, while also writing and producing songs for his label A&M Records (Alpert is the "A," and his friend Jerry Moss is the "M"), before venturing to Mexico and getting his introduction to mariachi music.  That was the inspiration for the Tijuana Brass, and for many other Latin-sounding bands to follow.  1965’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights blended his signature sound with the popular music of the day and proved a smash hit - selling six million copies in the United States alone, and included a number of cover songs such as  "Love Potion #9," "A Taste of Honey," and "Tangerine."  In some of the concert appearances Alpert made after the album's release, he apologetically explained to the audience that he could play the songs, but, "Sorry, we can't play the cover for you."