The Nelson-Wiggen Company produced machines between 1922 (its date of incorporation) and 1929, they made around one dozen different styles of machines, mostly cabinet (keyboardless) style.  Their pianos came from the Haddorff Piano Company of Rockford, IL.  They rarely included art glass on their machines, and tended to use walnut for their cases when most of their competition used oak wood.  Their main HQ was at 1731-1735 Belmont Avenue, Chicago.  Like all of the Chicago-based nickelodeon producers during the heyday of production that incorporated xylophones in their machines, they used Deagan-made percussion instruments in their machines.

 Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 Orchestra - with Xylophone (c. 1925) - This is one of Nelson-Wiggens' rare machines made with beautiful art glass, where many of their machines have a clear glass front.  Nelson-Wiggen pitched the clear glass as a more “modern look” than art glass, although art glass tended to be more expensive to manufacture (a more likely reason why Nelson-Wiggen avoided it in the majority of their machines.)  The Style 6 machine includes a piano with a mandolin attachment, a xylophone, bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, triangle, tympani effect, castanets, and a wood block.  It plays standard “4X” or “G” paper rolls.  It is often referred to as a “Mandolin Quartet.”