Many companies that produced nickelodeons at the turn of the twentieth century embraced the endless roll technology during the early years, from about 1900 through 1910.  Link was one of the few that continued to use it through the 1920's.  The North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works' Pianolin operates off of endless rolls (the endless roll is stored in the wooden box in the bottom left of the interior of the machine). The Pianolin incorporates a 44-note piano that is accompanied by a flute and a violin. 

The Pianolin was one of the first and most successful machines produced by the North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works. The Pianolin on display at the American Treasure Tour is a Style B, and is one of the less common survivors of the era.  When the North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works changed their name and became Capitol, it was renamed the "Midget Orchestra."