What We Offer

Guided Group Tours
Reservations Required
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• Coach and Travel Industry
• Clubs
• Student Groups
• Special Events
• Scout Groups
• Church Groups
• Families
• Corporate
• Fundraising

For Groups Under 15 People:

Custom Guided Tours
Reservations Required
Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm
Call for Rates

• Director's Cut Tour - Two HOurs

During this two hour tour our professional guide will share the story of our huge collection.  The tour will also be personalized to appeal to your interests so that you can take time to linger in the areas most captivating to you.

• Traditional TOUR - One and a Half Hours

Our traditional 90 minute tour is full of commentary and anecdotes about our enormous collection presented to you by our professional tour guide.

Groups Meals

Catered Buffet Style Meals for Groups of 20 or more.

Restaurant Style Meals for Groups under 20 people.

See photos below.