Bob Omrod is a retired art teacher from the Royersford, Pennsylvania region.  For forty years, he inspired students by showing them how to be creative, building dioramas out of items he had lying around or that he cold repurpose. He definitely practiced what he preached, too, because he used these skills to design his own creations in his own home. It all began in 1976, when a friend gifted him some wooden clothes pins and things he converted into a little shop. From there, miniature structures started to take over his living room, dining room, spare bedroom, the enclosed front porch, and even suspended from the ceiling. When his Giant World of Miniatures was removed from his house in August 2015 and brought down the street to the American Treasure Tour, Mr. Omrod said it was the first time he saw his dining room table in twenty years!  

His interests are expansive and presented in numerous sets within the display: seascapes, mountain villages, the rodeo, gardens of all types and varieties, and castles.  Then, there are the dioramas dedicated to the story of magic, science fiction tropes from Star Wars  to Star Trek, Dune to Doctor Who. His love of classic horror films is also in full display with his delightful challenge to locate forty horror film pieces in one two-foot long diorama. It took American Treasure Tour's in-house creative team three months to put it in place.