The Seeburg "L" Orchestrion is arguably one of the most famous nickelodeons to have survived from the automatic music era.  Its diminutive size and mobility made it extremely popular during the 1920's, and it was one of the more popular sources for music at speakeasies during the Prohibition era. 

The "L" was originally nicknamed the "Cabinet," before becoming the "Lilliputian."  Literally thousands of these machines were made in a handful of different styles.  In fact, there were more "L"s produced than any other type of machine.  The "L" retailed for $350 in 1918 - a substantial investment in those days, but nowhere near the price of any of Seeburg's larger machines (The Style R photo player was going for a solid $4,000 the same year!). By 1924, the rate for the "L" had increased to $850.  It was still the least expensive machine Seeburg offered, but still quite an investment at the time! 

In the effort to expand the popularity of their machines, Seeburg developed the Style C.  Slightly larger than the L, the C adds the charm and nuance of a xylophone to their cabinet-style machine.