This piece is an amazing example of American craftsmanship on every level. The Seth Thomas long case clock on display incorporates a Regina music box that alternates between six popular songs, including "El Capitan" by John Philip Sousa (1896) and Richard Wagner's 1850 "Bridal Course." The clock can either chime or play a song at the top of the hour.

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was set up in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut by its namesake right around 1813. They quickly earned themselves a reputation for superior mechanisms and craftsmanship for a variety of clock designs. The one on display with the MBSI (Music Box Society International) collection dates to the early nineteenth century and is truly a wonderful piece.

Seth Thomas (1785 to 1859) established himself in the clock industry from an early age, and proved so influential during his life that the town in which he established his factory changed their name to Thomaston in 1875 to honor their favorite son. The company remained in business under a number of different names until as recently as 2009.

The Regina Music Box Company, opening their doors in 1894, remained in business until 2000, at which point it was sold to the Royal Corporation.  They continue to sell vacuums to this day under the Home Depot brand.