The Longmuir brothers and their friends formed a band they called the Saxons in 1966, but they didn't much like the name.  So they got out a map, got a dart, and threw one at the other.  The dart landed near Bay City in Michigan, and that's how they became the Bay City Rollers.  Things moved slowly for the band as they recorded albums and saw their songs not quite make it. Then, in 1974, things improved.  Their song "Remember (Sha La La La)" became a hit and other songs followed.  Their success inspired comparisons to the Beatles, and their first North American album (pictured) compiled their earlier songs and went immediately to number one in 1976, including such hits as "Saturday Night" and "Bye Bye Baby."  Although more albums were to follow, none matched the success of 1976's Bay City Rollers.  Law suits followed and, because of internal tensions and legal restraints, it is unlikely the original members of the band will ever play together again, although many do tour separately and under different names.