Theda Bara - Born Theodosia Burr Goodman in 1885, the Cincinnati native was born into means to a Jewish tailor and a Swiss matron.  Acting was in her nature, and she performed from an early age, moving to New York to be on Broadway.  Bara became an early sex symbol in the moving picture scene, during the silent film era. Between 1915 and 1919, Bara was the biggest star for Fox Studios and one of cinema's first 'vamps' - a femme fatale who broke the hearts of men both onscreen and in the seats of the theaters.  Compared to many silent film stars, she lived to a ripe old age.  She was 69 when her life was cut short due to stomach cancer in 1955.  But her star had fallen long before that.  After leaving Fox in 1919, she starred in very few films, occasionally parodying her earlier image.  Now, she is barely a cinematic memory.  A 1937 fire in the Fox vaults destroyed all but four of her movies.