The American Treasure Tour is a wonderful, eclectic collection that needs to be seen to be believed.  

A large portion of the tour consists of an 80,000 square foot Toy Box filled to the brim with Americana spanning the twentieth century and beyond.  Classic preserved automobiles, bicycles, model airplanes (over three hundred of them!), amusement park stuffed animals, neon and illuminated signs, and one of the world’s largest collections of vintage animated electronic characters await you.  Along with these treasures is a collection of beautiful mechanical musical machines - band organs, calliopes, and dance hall organs.  The best part of it is that visitors get to see and hear it all during a comfortable ride through the building on a tram!

    You will also tour the Music Room and your comfort is our highest priority so cushioned seating awaits you for a fabulous presentation.  Visitors can relax as they listen to one of the world's greatest assemblages of automatic music ever brought under one roof.  Nickelodeons and Music Boxes dominate this section, along with record albums, movie posters, and even rare examples of the photoplayer.  (Never seen one of these before?  Come to the Tour!)  However, in addition to music there are  plenty of unusual things to see. One of them is the Bob Omrod collection.  Philadelphia-area artist Bob Omrod spent his life creating miniatures, all of which are now a permanent fixture here at the Treasure Tour.  See what he did with found objects and endless imagination to repurpose them into a miniature fantasy world!  This tiny wonder can only be found at the American Treasure Tour.