This machine is the result of constant refinement and innovations by the Wurlitzer Company (likely working with the Phillips Company of Germany, with whom they partnered for a number of years).  While most nickelodeons play a single roll with 10 songs on it, this machine plays 6 separate rolls, each with five songs on it.  Single roll players provided approximately half-an-hour's worth of music before rewinding and repeating their music, while this machine could play for an hour-and-a-half before repeating a song.

An original advertisement for this technology reads:  “The Wurlitzer Music Roll Changer is a mechanical device built on the principle of the original Ferris Wheel of the Chicago World’s Fair.”

Another element of this machine that makes it notable is its beautiful art glass and woodwork.  Although the primary purpose of these machines was the playing of music, the craftsmanship of the machine is quite exceptional and served to compliment the full experience for the customer.

This specific machine came very close to disappearing forever.  The owner of the American Treasure Tour collection went to a man’s house and saw art glass displayed on his wall.  Commenting on how lovely it was, he inquired into whether the original nickelodeon from which it came still existed.  The man said yes, but explained that it took up too much space in his home.  He dismantled it and put it in boxes.  It was being stored in the coal bin in his basement.  Our collector bought the whole thing from him, and had it reassembled.  Three or four years later, it became a playing part of the collection.